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Company's Leading Products Are:
Disposable Circumcision StaplerDisposable Hemorrhoids Stapler
Disposable  Split Hemorrhoids staplerDisposable Surgical Trocar
Disposable Hemorrhoids Ligation DeviceAnoscope
Disposable Transparent Hemorrhoids stapler
Disposable Endo Gia Stapler and Cartridges
Disposable Endo Gia Stapler and Cartridges
Disposable Circular Stapler
Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler and Cartridges
Disposable Automatic Linear Stapler and Cartridges
Disposable Curved Cutter StaplerDisposable Skin Stapler and  Remover
Disposable Purse String Stapler
Ligating Clips and AppliersHernia MeshRemover
Surface catheter fixation deviceDisposable Wound Retractor Other products
The above products are easy to operate in the operation process,
which not only improves the operation quality,
but also greatly shortens the operation time of doctors and the healing time of patients after operation,
and reduces the pain of patients.

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