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Postoperative precautions of Disposable Circumcision Stapler

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The disposable circumcision stapler is a method that uses the function of the inner ring and the outer ring to block the blood supply of the redundant prepuce, promote its atrophy and natural shedding, and connect the inner and outer skin plates. Compared with traditional circumcision, disposable circumcision stapler has the advantages of no incision, seamless closure, minimally invasive, short operation time, less pain, normal operation and shower after operation, no obvious scar in the prepuce and smooth incision. Disposable circumcision stapler has the following precautions after operation.
1. Patients should pay attention to keep the wound clean and dry. They can take a shower on the same day after surgery, and they are encouraged to take a bath every day. However, the wound must be dried with a hair dryer immediately after bathing to avoid wound infection. After drying, disinfect the incision with disinfectant.
2. After circumcision, the patients should not be in the same position for too long. If they do not stand for a long time, some patients found serious edema in the prepuce after the operation. Many of them sat there every day and played mahjong. In addition, the penis can be lifted when sleeping to avoid dropsy.
3. Circumcision is generally stuck is very tight, the probability of their own fall is very low, unless violent encounter may fall off, so should avoid violent activities.
4. Diet should be light, but to ensure adequate nutrition. Avoid spicy food: such as ginger, pepper, etc., do not smoke and drink, do not eat seafood and other hair products, these foods are not conducive to wound healing.
5. Patients with erectile penis at night is a normal phenomenon, a night may be erectile several times, sleep is not good, when erectile pain, you can go to the toilet, generally will quickly soft down.
6. 8-10 days after the operation, you can go to the hospital to remove the Shang ring, and do not take a bath 3 days after the removal of the ring. Because the wound is open, the risk of infection will increase. Use disinfectant, disinfect twice a day.
7. During the activity, we can use the band aid of shanghuan to wrap the wound tightly. When wrapping, we can press down the edema place to reduce the edema. When you come home to rest at night, you don't need to pack any more and wear loose and breathable clothes as much as possible.
8. After removing the ring, the incision may appear a little split and yellow purulent secretion on the wound surface, most of which are normal conditions, but the incision appears red, swollen, burning and painful. You should see your doctor to see if it is the incision infection. If necessary, you should take some antibiotics.
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