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Disposable Circumcision Stapler

Scope of Application > > this product is suitable for clinical circumcision and suture surgery.

Product Introduction
Disadvantages of traditional circumcision >>
The operation time is longer, about 30 minutes;
Intraoperative bleeding, large wound, hematoma after operation;
Intraoperative suture is needed;
It is difficult to control the length of the inner and outer plates of prepuce;
Irregular cutting edge and edema at frenulum are common.

The advantages of the circumcision stapler produced by our company  >>
Replace the traditional circumcision;
The operation cost is economical;
The operation is painless, fast, safe and healthy;
During the operation, the length of the internal and external plates can be well controlled, and the cutting edge can be well healed and beautiful;
Increase the setting of limit protection to make the operation easier;
The transparent design makes the operation more intuitive and increases the organization capacity;
Increase the density of suture nails to make non bleeding surgery a reality;
The handle design is comfortable to hold and has better anti-skid effect;
The silicone pad is designed to ensure the effect of nail removal after suture and better hemostatic effect;
New design of glans hood, stable nail forming, more beautiful cutting and stitching;
Single side blade design of circular knife ensures complete tissue cutting, reduces tissue damage, and makes incision neat and beautiful;
The 360 ° precise positioning design of glans hood and instrument can make it easy to align without special alignment;
The humanized design of glans hood can effectively avoid stabbing the operator's face during operation, which is conducive to clear cutting position.
Application scope of the product > >
This product is suitable for cutting and suturing prepuce.